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Adreces d'interès

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Certificats Oficials practice samples


Dave's ESL Cafe
Most well-known site for learners of English as a Second Language

British Council Learn English Site
Excellent resources with up-to-date material and video activities

On-line exercises

New Headway activities
Interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises from beginner to advanced level

Activities for EFL students

English Exercises On-line
is a site where you can do many exercises from beginners to advanced level

La Mansión del Inglés
On line course and resources

The Cambridge exam trainer

ON-line Writing Lab (all levels)

Listening Resources for students of English
is a site where you can do listening comprehension activities on line at three different levels.

Better English
is another site to find on-line exercises for the EFL learner. The exercises are organized by type: grammar, vocabulary, easy exercises etc

News and the Media

The Guardian

The Times

The Daily Telegraph

New York Times

A data base of newspapers on the web


Time Magazine

Yahoo's Entertainment-Magazines


1911 Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Columbia Encyclopedia On Line

Dictionary of English Idioms

Cambridge Dictionary

Dictionary of Difficult Words

Newbury House Online Dictionary

Longman Web Dictionary

Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary


Games and quizzes

English Café

Games and quizzes for EFL

Idioms and quizzes for students

is a site with webquests. A webquest is a quiz on the internet. They ask you questions that you have to answer by visiting one particular site. The questions can be printed out for easier use.

A National Geographic simulation activity that takes you west across America!

Language games

Weird websites